Bali Kratom, The Pain Killer

Kratom, an evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia and tropical in its origins, is known for its opioid like properties as well as its stimulation abilities. Kratom is known to have multiple strains, each with different abilities and trademark attributes. For example, some may be known as “Clea Stimulants”. Or perhaps they’re known for their efficient and sustainable nature.

In Bali Kratom’s case, this strain is known for its extreme pain killing properties. It tends to be very cheap potent, meaning it is very popular among those with chronic pain.

Although Bali is known for its extreme pain killing properties, there are other effects as well.

– Relaxation

– Anxiety Relief

– Uplifted Mood / Euphoria

– Sedative Like Effects

– Appetite Changes

In regards to appetite changes, its been reported that the strain can either make you more hungry or less hungry. Choosing between the two isn’t necessarily an option as this particular effect is somewhat unpredictable.

As for the anxiety relief and relaxation, there hasn’t actually been any scientific studies to prove anything. The claim is made from user reports. Typically coming from those who suffer from things like General Anxiety Disorder or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

One very important thing to keep in mind if you want to try this strain is that it is not without side effects. Unwanted ones at that. If you take a dose that may be too big or too small, you may get symptoms such as blurry vision, trouble focusing your eyes and even nausea in some rare cases. These undesirable effects are labelled as “The Wobbles”.

In regards to identifying this specific strain, there are a few unique traits that set it apart from the majority of others. The first thing people look for when trying to differentiate this strain from others is Bali’s very easily recognizable dark leaves. Another distinguishing trait is the Kratom tree itself that the strain comes from. The growth rate of the tree is known to be very fast in comparison to the other strains.

There are three sub strains within Bali. Red Vein, Green Vein and White Vein. Red vein is known to be quite predictable. Green vein is known to be slightly less sedating than Red vein. Lastly, white vein is known to be the best of the three. It is regarded as the best because it has the best sedation, stimulation and pain killing abilities of the three substrains.

If you are a family member are wanting to try this strain, or any strain for that matter, be sure to discuss the desire with your doctor or general practitioner. With any body function altering substance, it’s always a good idea to consult a medical professional.