Kratom effects at low and high doses

Kratom is widely used as a coffee. It is endemic from the regions of South and East Asia. Previously, it was used by the farmers because they need extra energy to do work in fields but nowadays it has gained a lot of popularity and attention around the globe. Kratom can be taken in by a number of different methods. Some take it indirectly through the mouth. Some mix it with tea or food. Others take it in the form of capsules. All these methods are effective in their own way.

Effects of kratom:

Kratom has already proved itself an as positive effecter on our body. It is the best pain killer. It improves our mood, heightens up our level of energy, reduces anxiety and depression. All these effects have already gained the attention of many users.

A dose of Kratom: 

It has always been recommended that the quantity of kratom should be taken in with full care. Random dosage may result in unorthodox effects. Before using it we should choose the perfect dose of it according to our level of tolerance.


The dose of kratom initially depends upon the level of our tolerance. It has always been endorsed that it should be started with     2 – 4 grams which are just a half teaspoon. This dose is enough to enjoy the positive effects of kratom on our health and body. But if it is not showing any positive effect than we can slightly increase it. The kratom usually starts effecting after 35 – 45 minutes. Different strains of kratom have different properties. Each strain has a different dosage as well.

Low dose and its effects:

Kratom has proved itself very effective even if it is taken in at a very low quantity. With the low dose, it has more positive effects like:

  • It uplifts the level of energy
  • It increases our motivational level
  • It improves our mood and enhances our tolerance level.
  • It promotes the ability to concentrate more.
  • A person starts talking more and becomes more social.
  • It works as an anti-depression

High dose and its effects:

The high dose of kratom may range from 6 – 9 grams. It does is really very high for the users. Kratoms that are pure, the dose of 3 – 5 is even considered as a high dose. The effects of the high dose can be portable and can be shoddy which may lead to death sometimes. Effects are mentioned below:

  • It may cause sleeplessness
  • It may lead to nausea
  • It may cause anxiety or amateurish feelings
  • It has cause dryness of our mouth
  • It can lead to pain in head or migraine
  • It may cause high blood pressure.


To enjoy the best effects of it, it should be taken with low quantity. It has been already recommended that the dose of it should not be ignored. It should be taken in with low dose or can be prescribed by the doctor. Otherwise, the ignored quantity may lead us to the worst effects of it.