Can Photo Printers Print Regular Documents

It can be ideal to have a photo printer that prints clear and sharp photos. In this era of digital photos, having a hard copy of your moments is usually a good idea. If you want to have your memories in hard copy, then a good photo printer is a must-have.

However, you do not want a printer that is specifically reserved for photos. Most people do not know that they can get printers that can properly print photos, and also print regular documents. Just get the ideal and the most suitable photo printer. reviews top 10 photo printers in the market. If you want to buy the best photo printer for you, I would strongly recommend you to read this complete article to compare features of photo printers available in the market and decide.

Can a photo printer print regular documents?

The specs of different printer would determine what you can print or what you cannot print in it. If you are looking for a printer that can excellently print both regular documents and photos, I have you sorted out. Read on to make informed choices when selecting a photo and document printer.

Choices to make when shopping for printers that can print both photos and regular documents

Full-inkjet printer

If you are looking for a superb printer, consider having a full-inkjet printer. Traditional ink-jet printers are popularly known for printing both documents and photos. The standard inkjet printers can accommodate 8.5 by 11-inch papers. You can, therefore, make a print that is in between the dimensions. You can, however, acquire a larger inkjet.

There are multifunction inkjet printers that would produce very clear and well-printed photos. Also, such printers would let you copy and scan documents. However, despite being clear, the resolution of the photos cannot be compared to the photos printed by a dedicated photo printer.

Colour Laser Printers for Photos

Colour laser printers are also good with photos. Colour laser printers are good with documents but produce impeccable photos. Relying on a laser printer for all your photo printing activities, you will be in for some disappointment. The laser printed photos lack the sharpness, brightness, and clarity that a properly printed photo should possess. If you are planning to frame or share the photos, keep off the laser printers. They can, however, be used to make drafts that would later be reproduced by a dedicated photo printer.

Photo Printers

Photo printers are dedicated to print just photos. They are usually small and therefore easily portable. Since they are dedicated for just photos, the quality of their photos is usually impeccable. The quality of these photos is usually top-notch, considering that they are just a small home printer.

In conclusion, it all depends on the type of printer you settle for. Some printers are just desiccated to photo-printing. These are known for giving excellent photo prints. Some printers would print both photos and documents, and there are those that would do well in documents but poorly in photos. It’s upon you to settle for what suits you best.