Best Kratom Strain? How to Find the Kratom Strain Which Suits You Best

Kratom strains are generally divided into three separate colors which are Green-vein, Red-vein or White-vein. This classification is solely dependent on the color of the vein leaves and the stem. Every kratom leaf has a particular color, and this color often determines the effect the leaf of the kratom will have on the body and mind. Different colors mean different chemical composition and different effects as well. The vein and the stem will get removed when the grinding process is taking place. The different types of kratom contain a variety of alkaloids, and every type has its unique effects. Here are some of the common strains of kratom you will get out there and get to know more about at

  • White vein kratom

This type of kratom is popularly known as a positive mood enhancer and a stimulant. The effect of every strain depends on various factors including the product quality, and the level of tolerance and the lifestyle of an individual. Nevertheless, white veins are generally known to be the most euphoric and stimulating of all kratom types. White kratom is mostly taken in place of coffee for more concentration, cheerfulness, and alertness. You can take this strain to boost your stamina, motivation, and concentration when you are working for long hours. Some common brands in this classification include the Borneo White, Pontianak White Horn, and White Vein Sumatra.

  • Red Vein Kratom

The red vein kratom strains have red colored veins and stems. This variety is one of the best-selling and the most available kratom strains on the market. It’s is sold more than the white and the green vein combined. Red vein strains produce some calming effects which give you some peace of mind and a feeling of well-being. Besides, red vein kratom works well as a sleeping aid for those with insomnia. It also relaxes the body muscles, and you can use it as a replacement or supplement of over-the-counter painkillers. Some of the popular brands in this classification include Red Vein Sumatra, Borneo Red, Red Thai, and Pontianak Red Horn.

  • Green vein kratom

The green vein variety is somewhere between the white and red kratom varieties. Most of the people who have used this strain claim that it assists them in boosting focus and alertness. It’s more subtle than the white or red veins, and they can be used in relieving pain and many other discomforts, mostly because they have no drowsy effects, which are often caused by most analgesic supplements.

Moreover, the green vein kratom strain can be combined with white or red kratom types to create a better flavor with a lasting effect. When correctly combined it prevents the overstimulation of the white kratom and the excess anesthesia caused by the red kratom strains. Some of the common brands in this classification include Pontianak Green Horn and Malaysian Green.


The kind of kratom which is suitable for you depends largely on the current situation you are in and your personal preferences. The best way to know the best kratom strain for you is to order a sample pack from a trusted vendor. The kratom sample pack consists of different kratom powders of the various strains available. By ordering these packs, you can easily determine what type of strain is most appropriate for your needs.